About The Annual VAIL Arctic Dip

Iconic summer destination, Shenandoah Acres Family Campground, invites the Valley community for an off-season dip in the lake to benefit your local independent living center, VAIL. The 2017 VAIL Arctic Dip will be held Saturday February 18th. Participant and Team check-in will begin at 1pm.

Pledge fundraising is encouraged and prizes will be awarded to top fundraisers. There is a minimum pledge of $25 to participate Dippers who raise $75 or more will receive a souvenir t-shirt! Enjoy warm beverages and a toasty bonfire, and a food truck will be serving up delicious hot eats! Veteran Dipper, Q101's Brandy on the Radio will return to host VAIL's most exhilarating fundraiser of the year. 

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§ Wear your swimsuit under the clothes you wear to the event – then you don’t have to change into it just to change right back out of it.

§ Choose your post-dip clothing with simplicity in mind – you will be cold and possibly numb, so loose-fitting, easy-on clothes without a lot of snaps, zippers, or buttons are best.

§ Bring a loose pair of shoes to wear after the dip – something that will slip on easily and doesn’t have tricky laces.

§ Take a dip with friends!  It’s more FUN!


§ Dive in – this is a safety regulation and will be enforced by event staff!

§ Feel pressured to fully submerge in the water – we recommend you do not go into the water above your abdomen. The water is cold (it is February after all!) and will take your breath away.

§ Run into the water – there might be things in the water you cannot see.  You might step on them or kick them and trip.

§ Be the first to go into the water – many people will be behind you. If you get in and decide you need out immediately, it might be difficult to do so.

§ Worry about “missing” the dip – if you want 10-15 minutes until the crowd thins out, you’ll still get the full experience . . . but in a less congested way.  This also makes it easier to have a photo taken.


§ A plastic bag for wet clothes

§ A backpack to hold street clothes and your new t-shirt

§ Two medium sized towels – one to dry off with and one to stand on

§ A dry partner to hold your valuables while you are in the water

§ River shoes for going into the water, the sand is very cold on bare feet

§ Clean dry under garments to wear after dipping

§ A waterproof camera that you can carry into the lake with you . . . even if your cheering section can’t get a close-up of you in the water, feel free to ask a fellow Dipper to capture your big moment.

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